This month began with a first-time-ever-at-the-Bible-school event: one of our students, Lyka Albarico Tocmo, celebrated her 18th birthday---a debut ceremony, in which the happy families of the Bible training center, Hosanna Christian and Lyka's own father and brother came together to speak blessing and encouragement over her life.

Throughout the month, HFBTC welcomed neighborhood kids to the school every Saturday to share stories from the Bible, songs and the message of God's love in Jesus Christ. Each week our students alternated teaching and planning activities for the kids. A lot of the neighborhood kids know Happy Family and even come during the week to play basketball and enjoy the company of the students.

Classroom Update: Students finished the Life of Christ and a study on worship, as well as studies on evangelism, hermeneutics and homiletics, the blood covenant and grace and faith. Continuing each Wednesday, our students reach out to the community in Pacdal and at Baguio General Hospital. To God be the glory for the mighty things he is doing in the lives of everyone at HFBTC!

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    We are a 10-month Bible training school located in Baguio, Philippines, equipping Filipinos and Asians to serve the Lord in a dynamic and faith-filled way. We are pleased to give you a monthly update of the happenings at Happy Family to spread our joy with you.


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