The rainy season is pretty much over, with a few scattered showers every once and a while. We have been able to air out the Bible school and wash away the mold that seemed to move in for more than three months—an unwelcome guest for sure—especially on Saturdays when we all pitch in to clean and polish our wonderful home. Classes continue at a consistent pace. In the past two months, students have been learning about worship, evangelism, the life of Christ, the book of Acts and Hebrews, New and Old Testament survey studies and various Christian doctrinal subjects. More subjects will be added as we finish certain manuals and press on to the end of the year in March.

In September, we were pleased to welcome an addition to the Happy Family staff—Kelsey Staudacher. She came to assist for three months and has been teaching, organizing and encouraging. We as a staff meet together twice a week to plan and edify one another. Strengthened by our leadership study and the time in corporate prayer, we are certainly blessed by what God is doing in each person’s life.

Everyone is getting ready for the upcoming mission trip to Loo in December, which will take place before semester and Christmas break. Preparation includes sending out sponsorship letters to assist in the purchasing of 1,000 gifts for kids and adults and various medications that will be used for evangelism purposes and in our medical mission to the Happy Family church. If you are interested in participating, please e-mail edluzbituag@gmail.com. God’s power is certainly working through the lives of the staff and students and we are looking forward to the ways in which God will continue to manifest his plans in our lives and all those involved.

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